Library is one of those few threads which comes from the past and links one generation with another, history with modern times. Different books impress the souls of different readers in different years coming through the centuries.

Old full leather bindings are near the new printed issues which smell processor colour. Each book has its history. Library is wonderful…

History of the Central city library is closely connected with our town’s rise and has the aim to help the blossom of its people’s creative potential.

The library was opened in 1965, and in 1977 it began to fulfill the functions of the Central city library after the joining of 15 mass libraries of the town to the Central library system.

CCL provides people with the information in all subject areas. From 2002 the work on implementation of computer technologies was started. The library got Internet access.

More than 12 thousand people use the library services annually, they take over 81 thousand of books and magazines. There is a fund of rare book in the library. New information technologies are actively introduced in the library. The electronic catalogue of manuscripts and publications of local and regional poets is created. And also the library works on the development of the catalogue of rudny painters’ expositions.

The library is situated on the first floor of the five-storied apartment block in the center of the town. And the visitors feel the comfortable conditions here.

Every town dweller who reached 14 years old can become the library user.

The delivery desk gives the books for the usage outside the library for the designated period.

The reference room is the container of the information books, encyclopedias, valued professional books and also printed media.

The art literature sector started working in September 2000. The department has the literature on art history, music, and theatre and Kazakhstan art as well. This is the home of all cultural events in the town. Exhibition corner works in the sector permanently. Very comfortable and heartfelt events are held in the department. There is a record library and PC.

It is difficult to imagine any library without reference aids. This is a system of catalogues and cards, information and bibliographic fund.

Our readers use the classified file of articles which has the materials from the printed media on different topics.

The articles on the countrystuding are kept in the subject folder and shown in the countrystuding classified file “Kazakhstan”, local classified file “Kostanay region”. Alphabetic and systematic catalogues and catalogue of titles are the basis of the reference aids.

Over the years the library has become a pleasant rest and leisure center. The club “Literature Saturdays” works for the poetry and prose lovers. All departments of the CCL hold the evenings, meetings with interesting people, round tables, book and periodical literature reviews.

We try not only to give our readers useful information and make their rest, but also to create comfortable conditions for them. That’s why all our departments have a wonderful decorative design of the interior. Our users are provided with exiting book exhibitions and thematic shelves.

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