The community reading programme “One nation – One book” – 2016

People are reading the poetry of Dulat Babataiuli.

The National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan defined the works of Kazakh poet Dulat Babataiuli as the main theme of the community reading programme “One nation – One book”.

Dulat Babataiuli (1802-1874, the village of Ayaguz, Semipalatinsk region, Omsk province (now Ayaguz district,  East – Kazakhstan region) was the first Kazakh poet, whose poems were printed and published in hardcover edition. The first book of poetry “Өсиетнама (The Book of teachings)” was published in 1880 in Kazan city. The volume contained about eight hundred lines of verse. The manuscripts were preserved till nowadays. Thus, more than 1500 lines of verse of Dulat Babataiuli reached people, and became an invaluable spiritual heritage.

The son of a nomad, he managed to become one of the most educated Kazakh people of his time. He studied and knew well Arabic poetry. He was known for having shifted from oral improvisation to rhyme verse composition. In addition, he was considered to be the first Kazakh poet writing satirical pieces.

His poems glorifying hard work and honesty and criticizing such vices as arrogance and mendacity, social injustice, idleness, sycophancy got to be widely known among Kazakh people.

Dulat Babataiuli served honestly his people. Great Abai had the honour to be taught by Dulat Babataiuli.

The branch offices of the Rudny CLS organized bookshelf exhibitions introducing the works of Dulat Babataiuli, the famous Kazakh poet of the XIX century.

Svetlana Gorodnichaya, the Head of methodical-bibliographic department of the Rudny CLS

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