On February 3 a video lecture “Desired goals can be reached” was held for the students of Rudny Polytechnic College in the reading room of the Central Town Library. The vent was dedicated to the propaganda of the regular President’s message to the people of Kazakhstan.

In 2015 our will celebrate such important events as 20 years of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan; 550 years of the foundation of the Kazakh khanate; 20 years of the constitution; 70 years of the Great Victory. These are the main historical points the basis of which is in the national unity – the heritage which we should give the next generation. Every day new tasks appear before the state and society. And these tasks can be solved only in unity and cohesion.

Since 1997 N.Nazarbaev every year has made the message to the people of the republic, where he points the perspectives and directions of the development of our state.

On November 11 2014 the President announced about the new economic policy “Nurly Zhol” during the enlarged meeting of the party’s council. The message for the 2015 will come into the history as the document of the strategic meaning, which is aimed to support the stable development of Kazakhstan in the period of global crisis and the improvement of the people’s life.

“Nurly zhol” in the translation from Kazakh means “the way to the future”. Like a real strategist Nazarbaev step by step pointed what to do and what to reach.

The narrators told the students about 7 directions of the country development, among them there are new points in the educational, social and living spheres. The narrators spoke in two languages.

The video materials were used during the event: the speech fragment of the President and the discussion of the message by the people of the Republic.

There were 47 people present.

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