On May 19 a conversation on the topic “Smoking or health” with the psychologist from the Healthy lifestyle center took place in the Central children library.

The aim of the conversation:

​ Propaganda of the healthy lifestyle

​ Formation of the negative attitude to the smoking

The psychologist Prokopova T.V. read the lecture “From the history of tobacco”, the video “Give up smoking”, “How smoking effects the descendants” were shown. She also held the trainings “Can tell “NO””, “Presents from smoking” and quiz “Smoking”.

Teenagers actively discussed the given information, said their opinion about bad habits, gave the examples form their friends’, relatives’ and acquaintance’s lives (those people who has antisocial lifestyle). They also pointed that bad habits prevent from living, working and communication with surrounding people.

There was grade 7 “V” from school – gymnasium #10 at the event.

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