December 1 is the day of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On 25 November prior to the holiday there was a round table “About the Leader objectively and truly”. This event took place in the reading room of the Central Town Library. It was held for the students of the Rudny Polytechnic College.

The aim of the event: to show the importance of the historic personality in the history of the country by the example of the head of our state – N.A.Nazarbaev.

To promote the development of the sense of patriotism, formation of the civic position and perfection of the political culture level.

During the event it was said about Nazarbaev’s success and achievements, about his blistering and meteorical career, about Nazarbaev’s development as a personality, as the first president of the sovereign, independent Kazakhstan and about the way of the achievement of the top of the political Olympus. A special focus was made on the forward-looking and multiple-vector policy of Nazarbaev.

In accordance with the bilingual principle the event was held in the official and Russian languages. The narration was accompanied with the demonstration of slides, video “The sky of my childhood’, “Astana”.

Zaskalko A.V. and Kakenov Zh.K. were the special guests. Zaskalko Alexandr Vladimirovich is the director of the town information propaganda group of the rudny town branch “NUR OTAN”.

Kakenov Zhaksylyk Kakenuly is the labor veteran, the member of the town veteran council, an active participant of the social life of the town.

Students understood once more that the President of Kazakhstan – Nursultan Abishevic Nazarbaev is a perfect example of the Nation Leader corresponding the mentioned characteristics; and that the Republic found the person who is absolutely committed to his motherland and its people.

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