S. Petrov «The will of the great . Destined to be happy»

The Central Town Library  at 6th of February hosted the presentation of famose Rudny’s artist and businessman Sergei Petrov’s book – “The will of the great. Destined to be happy. “


The book contains wise thoughts of famous people since the ancient times till today, about how to be happy. Every citation is accompanied by comments and observations of the author. He shows up his views of friendship, mutual understanding, love and other universal values.


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Well-known people of our city came to congratulate the writer with the release of his first book. They were : LI Gainutdinova – Honored Worker of Culture of Kazakhstan, the historian I. Sushchenko, a member of the Russian Writers Union S.Leshakov and many others.



The libraries of our town had 10 copies of the book  with an inscription by the author.


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