On December 9, a historical magazine “Our way to the independence” took place in the reading room of the CL. It was dedicated to the main holiday of our country – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is celebrated on December 16.

Roots of struggle for the independence date back centuries. This is a dream of the great Steppe, which remembers glory hours of nomadic civilization, and breakage of ways of life in the XX century, but at least which has chosen its own way of development.

Presenters told in two languages to the student from RPTC about the history of struggle for the independence of the Kazakh people starting from the foundation of the independent Kazakh khanate (which will celebrate its 550 anniversary in 2015). Kerej and Zhanibek created the first Khanate in 1465. Moreover, nationhood of the Kazakh people traces its history back to this time.

It was also told about difficult time of 1723 – the year of “great tribulation”, when hordes of Dzhungar invaded the territory of Kazakhstan, kazakh auls were taken apart, about 1 million people died, and a lot of people were landed a prisoner. Besides, it was the period of thick snow, ice-crusted ground and dzhut. Presenters told about the fact that because of Colonial policy of the Tsarist Russia our people almost lost its language and faith, culture and traditions. It was said that the dignified “sons” of the people led the national-liberation movement in different times. In 1930s, Kazakhstan was under Stalin repressions. Those who advanced national interests were accused of nationalism; they were persecuted, many of them were shoot. Over 100 thousand people were imprisoned in “gulag” organizations, about 30 thousand were shoot. Scientists, writers, outstanding public men were among them. Students listened about the movement “Alash”, the peaceful demonstration of kazakhstany people in 1986. It was said about the fact that on October 25 in 1990 the Declaration of state sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan was accepted. It was a juridical document, which confirmed an impartibility and inviolability of the territory of our country. On December 1 in 1991, our state chose its first president because of public vote. In addition, a new history of the independence of Kazakhstan started from this moment. Children learned about the development strategy of the independent Kazakhstan, and with the President’s message “Nurly zhol” for 2015. The presenters’ narration was accompanied with the demonstration of slides and video on this topic.


There were 42 people at this meeting.

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